Monday, November 24, 2014

Comic Cons from the Past Couple of years from Buffalo-Rochester-Syracuse...

I may be bias but I think New York has the greatest "geek" community. Here is a great example produced by Michael Fitzgerald who also operates Syracuse Power Con

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Syracuse PowerCon

This was my first time attending Syracuse PowerCon but will not be the last. It is currently a smaller convention similar to the type I remember from my childhood. The convention took place in the ballroom of the Liverpool Holiday Inn. The last time I was in this ballroom was a psychic convention over twenty years ago. My father and I went on a whim; we were amazed how seriously everyone took it. I ended up leaving with a picture of my aura and we had a good time. This time I was far more interested in the subject matter.
Admission was $7 for adults or $10 max per family, this was an awesome deal because it encouraged attendees make it a family outing. I commend them for encouraging and understanding geeking out has become affair.
The convention had a nice variety of creators and vendors with a good mix of products. I personally bought a Guardians of the Galaxy Lego Set (Christmas present) that has been sold out locally, a Sketch by Joe Orsak of Black Canary fighting Catwoman, a Rocket and Groot print also by Joe, and few other odds and ends.

I look forward to attending again in the future and hopefully by the next PowerCon we will have our booth ready.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Video Games Live in Rochester, NY

Video Games Live is coming to Rochester, NY presented by the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra. Tickets are available for the performance on Friday November 21 at 8:00 PM and VIP Packages are also still available but require a separate ticket purchase.

Video Games Live™ is an immersive concert event featuring music from the most popular video games of all time.  Top orchestras & choirs perform along with exclusive video footage and music arrangements, synchronized lighting, solo performers, electronic percussionists, live action and unique interactive segments to create an explosive entertainment experience!


VIP Packages:

Upcoming Con: Syracuse PowerCon

This Sunday, November 16 is local comic and pop culture convention called Syracuse Powercon. I Believe tickets are $9 for adults and $4 for kids and under 10 are free. This will my first time attending and it will be as a comic fan, hopefully by the next one I will be prepared to attend as a vendor.

SYRACUSE POWERCON Nov.16, 2014 Comic and Pop Culture Con. At the Syracuse Holiday Inn, Exit 37, 441 Electronics Parkway

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Holy Smokes Batman !!!

For the first time ever and loaded with enough features to fill a utility belt, the television series that impacted generations is finally available. Batman starring the great Adam West and Bert Ward is finally on DVD and Blu-ray.

Bernie Loomis: The Toy Maker

The man whom shaped my playtime. 

I was recently working on a marketing research assignment, the subject involved marketing and children. I personally cannot think about this topic without thinking about Bernard Loomis. Not much is available online about him but he was the master of marketing to children.
He was the man that developed the concept of using an animated series to market toys, producing full lines of toys as appose to individual product, and producing toys based on film and TV licenses. During his tenure, Mattel, Kenner, and Hasbro all became the worlds largest toy company. “In 1985, Douglas Thomson, president of the Toy Manufacturers of America, said in an interview with The New York Times, “He's probably the most astute man in the industry for the selection and marketing of products.”

One of his most quoted statements is; "The trouble with research is it tells you what people were thinking about yesterday, not tomorrow. It's like driving a car using a rearview mirror," and "We'd have a great world if real evil took the beating it gets on Saturday morning."

Monday, November 10, 2014

Fanatic Voyages First Commercial

I know I'm biased but this is the greatest commercial ever. It has a puppet for Peter Parkers sake. May he rest in peace. Please watch and leave a comment, I'd really appreciate it.